Just imagine ... eating what you planted. Picking right there in your garden.

Less lawn, more native plants, more shade | Reduce maintenance, balance nature | Increase vegetable consumption by 60% from your property.
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Would you like to eat what you planted?

Midsection of woman carrying crate with freshly harvested vegetables

New Services

Examples of our green environmental monthly maintenance are:
. Construct raised planters and productive vegetable gardens with monthly weeding care.
. Build a compost area for your home and properties plant-based debris management. Rotate debris monthly to access nutrient-rich soils for your garden.
. Reduce the size of excessive lawns with high chemical, labor, and water dependencies. Create increase green areas with layers of plants both ornamental and edible. Existing perennials, bulbs, groundcovers divided monthly and re-planted to spread and multiply.
. Grading the land correctly to drain and prevent flooding. Excavate to create swales and build berms to deflect neighboring water away from your home, or collect to benefit your property with a rain garden.
. Collect roof water runoff in containers for use in times of drought. Convert drip irrigation for planting from wasteful lawn water jets.
. Trees are the best answer in helping our homes and the earth.  Plant one tree every year, for color, screening, shade, fruit, or flower.

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