Retaining Walls Stop Flooding

Sometimes we see weather alerts for possible flash flooding. If you receive such alerts in your area, are you prepared? While flood insurance may help cover costs after a flood has entered your house, proactive measures like building retaining walls can prevent flooding altogether.

Retaining walls are typically built to stop erosion and keep soil in place. However, they can also be strategically designed to divert water away from your house. How do we achieve this? Firstly, we'll assess your landscaping to determine the natural flow of water. If it's directed towards your house, we can plan and construct a wall to alter this path.

Secondly, we'll modify the elevation of the land near your house to channel the water towards the wall. Thirdly, we'll provide a design that not only includes the wall but also incorporates flowers and lighting to enhance its appearance within your landscape.

We aren't talking about constructing a towering six-foot barrier. Instead, imagine a modest wall, just tall enough to guide water through your landscape effectively. Think of it as building a multi-purpose feature that adds value to your landscape. On clear days, it serves as a cozy spot to sit and enjoy the fire pit or as a stunning backdrop for your favorite flowers. During heavy rains, it transforms into the bank of a small stream, directing water safely away from your house.

So, in this season of potential flash flooding, contact us. Let’s discuss how we can protect your home with innovative and aesthetic solutions.