Five reasons flagstone patios have become so popular

Stone pathway and staircase leading to beautiful lawn

A variety of materials are available for building patios with, and flagstones are an increasingly popular choice. Whether you are planning a new yard or re-designing an existing one, the patio is often the central feature where people gather and enjoy outdoor dining, a barbecue, or just as a place to relax and enjoy the view. For a patio that you will enjoy for many years, flagstone patios have several attributes that make them a superior choice compared to those made of other materials.

Rugged Natural Beauty

Flagstone is more aesthetically appealing than other natural or synthetic materials available for backyard patios. Each flagstone has its own unique, shape, rustic markings and coloring that sets it apart from every other stone. Flagstone patios tend to appear larger than they are due to the uneven sizes and expansive layout of the rocks.


Flagstones are solid rock, so it takes a long time before water or contaminants will affect their color or texture. They can withstand extreme weather conditions and are not affected by termites or other insects that will eventually destroy wooden construction. In rainy climates, the natural contours and ridges of flagstones allow water to run off quickly, providing excellent traction at all times.


A flagstone patio will remain stable and sturdy for many years. It will resist damage and withstand abuse while retaining its natural charm and beauty.

Many choices

Flagstones come in many sizes, shapes, hues, and colors, so you have many creative options in designing the way you want your patio to look. They come in a variety of grays and reds, as well as blue and green. Some people like to experiment with a mixture of different color combinations to create a unique design, while others prefer to stay within a certain color range.

Low maintenance

There is almost no support needed for flagstone patios other than an occasional sweeping and a pressurized hose down every year or two.

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