Landscape maintenance made simple

Landscaping, no matter how extravagant or simple will give any yard curb appeal and add some value to the property, as well as the neighborhood. Landscaping can be a full-time job in itself, which is why there are so many landscaping companies, but for homeowners who like to tackle their own landscaping, there are a few ways to minimize the landscaping effort but still have a great looking yard.

Minimize the Lawn Area

Lawn care takes up a great deal of time and, in addition to mowing there is, fertilizing, watering, and every once in a while it might be necessary to aerate the lawn to breathe some life back into the grass roots. Landscape maintenance can be minimized by downsizing the lawn area and planting slow-growing grass in the established lawn areas. To further minimize landscape efforts establish vegetated planting areas, other than lawn, along with a patio and walkways.

Establish Planting Areas

Planting areas that do not need to be mowed will help cut down on the landscape maintenance effort. The designated planting areas can be as large or small as desired and any shape. Separate the planting areas from lawn areas with a set in place stone, brick or timber edging and fill the garden area with 2 to 3 inches of crushed stone or mulch. Containers of different shapes and sizes and filled with favorite plants and placed within the designated planting area will create a garden area that has a hint of elegance and a dash of rusticity. The crushed stone or mulch will minimize lawn growth and low maintenance plants will provide color and texture to the area.

Planting bulbs will provide the almost no work garden every spring when the flowers magically poke their heads out of the ground and provide the color of spring and summer. Choosing bulbs with consecutive blooms will keep the garden popping right from the start of spring through the summer and into the early fall.

Low Maintenance Plants

The established planting areas can also be prepared according to best planting soil management practices and planted with low maintenance plants, such as slow growing shrubs, dwarf conifers and ornamental grasses, as well as bulbs. There are many varieties of plants with a variety of levels of necessary landscape maintenance to keep the vegetation looking healthy. There are also low maintenance plants, when after establishing themselves, thrive on neglect. It is essential to properly prepare the soil and water the plantings frequently until their growth is established.

Build a Patio and Walkways

An impervious surface such as brick, stone or concrete patios and walkways will subtract from the area that needs maintenance, and the time it takes to perform the necessary landscape maintenance around the home. The patio and walks will give the yard an earthy look and provide the tie that binds between the home, landscaped and impervious area. There is a variety of colors of patio and walkway materials that will add the right accent and contrast or just the right compliment to the vegetated areas and the home.

Brick and stone pavers can be set in a favored pattern to create a geometric look, and different patterns can be used to indicate different areas such as a sitting and relaxing area or a dining area. Concrete can be scored or finished with different textures to provide a non-slip walkway as well as provide the divide the landscaped and non landscaped areas.Walkways do not always have to be brick, stone or concrete pavers. They can be constructed with crushed stone or stone dust, also minimizing the maintenance effort.

Impervious areas do not need to be mowed, clipped or trimmed. They may, perhaps need to be swept once in a while, and a good rainstorm usually provides the washing they sometimes need. Crushed stone or stone dust walkways might need to be raked once or twice during the outdoor season.

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