Enhance the quality of your lawn

September is the best time to enhance the quality of your lawn to help it grow healthy along to the next spring. Below you will learn why and how three simple actions will help you to accomplish this task.

Aeration is the act of making small holes in the ground. The soil compacts along the year and the air stop to flow. Aeration changes this situation allowing air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots, making the lawn drought resistant and stronger. Repeat this process every year.

Overseeding can be used into an existing turf or to replace a dead grass which has died during the summer. The summer heat often spoils your lawn. Seeding can fill in bare patches and replace sections of dethatched grass for next season. Even still healthy and green lawn, overseeding can guarantee a green lawn next spring. Fall is a good time to seed.

Dethatching by raking accumulation as a solution for undecomposed or partially organic material located above the soil surface. Most lawns have areas where the grass dies above the ground. In small portions, this thin layer of dead grass is perfect for your grass. However, when thatch accumulates, it prevents water and air from reaching your green, which can cause widespread brown patches.

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