Secure TODAY, a beautiful garden in 2020 spring.

According to Katie Elser-Peters in Mid-Atlantic Gardner’s Handbook, a beautiful garden must feature a contrast of selected plants with different colors, shapes, and textures, to what she calls The Big Three. For her, the plants are the painting and the lawn is the frame of the garden. If either is unbalanced, you and your neighbors will soon notice.

Many problems affect the gardens, starting with the type of grass, inadequate soil Ph, exposure (high/low) to the sun, pests, lack or excess of irrigation, etc. In the case of lawns, the main problems are stains caused by dogs, moles, rats and larvae, fairy rings, brown patches and scalping (cut too short).

Take advantage of the fall season to plant, sow or sodding.

The heat has passed and autumn is already present. In the morning, at this time of the year, there is intense dew helping not only the seed of the grass, but also the sod, and undoubtedly helps a lot the newly planted shrubs and trees. Thus, in two or three months these shrubs and trees will have already hibernated for the winter and, if planted at the right time, will save nutrients and energy so that they survive the cold temperatures and “reborn” in the spring.

Count on Greenstone for whatever it takes to make the next spring the most beautiful ever.

Read below the selection of items to be planted this time of year:
Annuals - October
Perennials and ornamentals grasses - September
Ground covers - September
Shrubs - September
Trees - September and October

These tables represent planting dates for hardiness zone 8.
Find your hardiness zone and adjust planting dates accordingly.
Hardiness zone 6: add 1 month (Maryland)
Hardiness zone 10: subtract 1 month


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